Why choose us?

Seven things that we better than anyone else

Why choose us?

Seven things that we better than anyone else

Direct and straightforward contact

We answer each telephone call with personalised and efficient service. No answering machines or frustrating automated menus. Our answer time to your telephone request is immediate. If the telephone lines are busy, rest assured that we will call you back as soon as possible. Your emails will be addressed and immediately referred to the corresponding department for a quick response. No delays.

Speedy delivery

We are well aware that a stationary vehicle entails an economic loss. That is why there are high levels of stocks available, both raw materials as well as semi-finished products, so that our response time to your requirement is seamless and streamlined.

We are up front and straight to the point

The identification of a part is generally not a straightforward task in many cases. The necessary information for its verification is requested so that the client is always assured that the correct product is received. No inaccuracies. To that end, we place at your entire disposal our technicians, who are highly qualified professionals with many years of experience.


Capacity and flexibility

The vehicles fleet is very diverse. We do not only provide solutions to the latest models, but we are able to respond to specific client needs as regards older truck and tractor replacement parts requirements. If you cannot find what you are looking for, just ask. We are experts.  As manufacturers, this fact makes us versatile.


Commitment to quality and ethics

To us, quality is not only a certificate. It is the set of processes to ensure that each EGRO client is very satisfied with the products and service.

We take the reliability of our products very seriously. All our components are highest quality standard products and, of course, no reconditioned or conflict minerals are used. We procure a solid commitment to excellence and best practices to offer our clients the best possible service. Our concept of quality is the degree of customer satisfaction obtained and meeting the pertinent requirements of the interested parties.


Clutch experts

We are not newcomers. We have offered solutions in various markets for over 25 years and our greatest success is the variety of loyal customers who, year after year, place their trust in us. We are manufacturers, a fact which evidences our greater in-depth and hands-on knowledge as regards the product.  We are experts in our field.

Satisfaction guaranteed

The complete satisfaction of our clients with our products and service is our aim. We offer solutions. Our warranty covers any manufacturing defect for your total peace of mind.


Pol. Ind. Granada, C1
48530 Ortuella, Vizcaya (Spain)


Office Hours

+34 94 620 10 11

Office Hours
Monday to Thursday:
9.00 a.m. – 6.30 p.m.
9 a.m. – 3 p.m.